In this article I will share with you what is the best blender to purchase if you are looking to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet. I will give you my personal experience from using this kitchen appliance for 15+ years. I encourage you to read the whole article to make an informed decision before you purchase a blender, this way you won’t waste money on buying a blender based on price alone. Most often price is the main factor when buying small kitchen appliances such as a blender. However, I encourage you to continue reading or watch the video below if you want to get a quick synopsis of which blender to buy and why.

I often get asked by family, friends, and clients, what is the easiest way to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diet. To me that would be to have one small kitchen appliance that can do multiple jobs daily with very little effort. That small kitchen appliance is a blender. There are so many different blenders on the market today offering many different functions and options. More choice is often more confusion for the buyer.

When purchasing a blender, ask yourself what you want out of it. Meaning what is the main purpose for investing in a good quality blender. Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you want to use your blender often/daily for cooking/meal prep?
  • Do you want a blender that’s very easy to use?
  • Do you want a blender that very easy to clean?
  • Do you want a blender that has a fantastic warranty – second to none?
  • Do you want a blender that allows you to add additional attachments to it when you are ready to purchase different size blender bowls/cups, a food processor that uses the same motor?
  • Do you want a blender you can juice with?
  • Do you want a blender that maximizes the nutrient availability of your food?
  • Do you want a blender that makes restaurant style food right in your own home for the fraction of the cost?
  • Do you want a blender that looks good sitting on your kitchen counter, and you can use multiple times a day
  • Do you want a blender that you will pass down like a heirloom piece rather than throw away?

If you have answered yes to at least 3 of the questions above, then I highly recommend purchasing a high- powered blender that can do more than just blend.

The Vitamix is THAT blender!. It is second to none, for SO many reason. Read on friends and learn why you NEED a Vitamix in your kitchen.

What is a Vitamix?

The Vitamix is not just any blender, it is a high-powered blender with high powered technology that enables the machine to perform multi-functions from blending, chopping, grinding, juicing, pureeing and more.

This high-powered blender is not just for making smoothies and smoothie bowls. You can make hot and cold soups right in the blender. You can grind dry seeds and nuts to make butters. You can grind grains to make flour for baking or for pancakes, dosa’s (Indian savoury rice pancakes) and more. You can also make sauces, chutneys, dips right in the blender bowl. You can chop vegetables with it, makes whole fruit and vegetable juices, puree baby food, and make doughs and desserts with this blender. The list is endless

You can see for yourself how this high-powered blender works before you decide to purchase it. Click on the links below for each of the topics you would like to learn about. Each of these links have a full recipe and a video that shows you how the Vitamix blender works.

Why buy a Vitamix?

The Vitamix blender is made for more than just making smoothies.  As you can see from the twelve examples above, this blender is a multitasking machine because:

  • It blends, chops, juices, makes soups, smoothie bowls, nut buttes sauces, chutneys, grinds grains and lentils, makes desserts, makes baby food and much, much more
  • It is very easy to operate
  • It is extremely easy to clean
  • This machine is compact and easy to store on your kitchen counter or in a kitchen cupboard
  • The motor is high-powered, so you are guaranteed to get results that you are looking for.
  • The machine is easy to operate, with minimal buttons and features that your children can use with ease. Thereby teaching them to cook for themselves at a young age
  • All Vitamix containers are PBA free
  • It’s durable versatile and high-powdered motor is second to none.
  • The warranty offered is the best on the market, with a 7 to 10 year warranty, depending on which machine you buy
  • Finally, this machine is referred to as the gold standard when it comes to blenders. I will go as far as to say, in my 14+ years of experience with this machine, it’s platinum standard – unbeatable!

Below I will address three questions I often get asked when it comes to the Vitamix:

Why is Vitamix worth Buying?
Why is Vitamix so popular?
Why is Vitamix the best blender?

Personal Experience with the Vitamix Blender for over 15+ years:

I have owned the same Vitamix from 2008 – 15 years and counting. The purchase of this machine has changed my life completely for the positive.  And has had a great impact on my family – my children, my spouse, and my extended family and friends.

For this reason alone, I want to share with anyone and everyone visiting my site what a HUGE difference a good small kitchen appliance like the Vitamix blender can do towards nourishing and nurturing yourself and your loved ones.

I have no need to buy pre-made expensive smoothies, soups, pasta sauces, hummus, nut butters, ice-cream, different desserts, and much more because I can make all of it at home, for a fraction of the cost just with this one machine.

Back in 2008, I was looking to change the way I ate. Even though I was vegetarian, I was not eating whole plant-based foods that were nutritionally dense. Mainly, because I did not have the time and energy to prepare + cook nutritional meals daily for myself and my family, the way I did prior to having children.

At this time, I had two young children, had just stopped breastfeeding my youngest child, was working full time in the day and being a full-time mom to two active boys, plus was looking after all the renovations of our newly purchased home.  My husband helped as much as he could, however, he worked long hours outside the home due to his demanding job. I worked as a public health consultant from home so did more than half my share of housework, and being a mom, plus on top of anything extra I was doing. All of this was exhausting.

I wanted to incorporate quick, easy, tasty, and nutritionally dense meals that everyone in my household would relish and enjoy. As a start I began to make daily green smoothies for myself and my family. These green smoothies consisted mainly of fresh greens, some veggies such as cucumbers, avocados, seeds and nuts with very little fruit. However, the blender I had at that time – the magic bullet, was unable to grind the greens/veggies/seeds/fruit into a smooth liquid. I found it hard to drink these smoothies and so did my family. I then purchased a Kitchen Aid blender and had the same problem. Not only were my smoothies filled with bits of greens and small pieces of fruit, seeds such as hemp seeds didn’t get ground completely, they were left whole, floating in my smoothie. My children kept spitting out the tiny bits that didn’t blend, and truthfully, I sometimes gagged when I had to swallow a piece of greens or fruit that got missed by my blender blades.

It was a losing battle to get my children to drink these smoothies, plus it was a waste of groceries.  I wasted no more time trying different combinations of greens and fruit or convincing my children and other family members to try another combination of my smoothie. I didn’t want my family to have a negative taste of smoothies in their minds or on their tongues. I also was not ready to give up, just yet, but didn’t really know what to do.

I was at a local coffee shop one morning, and found a business card at the checkout for a raw food course, that piqued my interest, because it stated something about learning a new way of eating nutritional dense plant-based foods.  Without giving it too much thought, I registered to do the course that evening. It was inexpensive, plus it was in my neighbourhood and didn’t require too much of a time commitment. All the learning was done online with once a week meet-up’s in person – this fit with my already busy schedule!

At this course, I learnt all about raw food and incorporating raw food into my diet. This is where I learnt about the Vitamix blender.

I started to do research on this blender to learn everything I possibly could. This blender seemed too good to be true, the more I learnt, the more I wanted to purchase this blender. In 2008 there was not much information on the Vitamix from bloggers or from people who used this machine. Everything I learn was from the Vitamix website, so of course the information was glowing.  I talked about this blender often in my household and continued to make smoothies with the blender I had, but I was the only one (forcefully) drinking them.

I continued to research blenders but always came back to the Vitamix. This blender seemed like the perfect blender for all the things I learnt about whole foods and incorporating more nutritionally dense plant-based foods into my diet, while keeping my family’s needs in mind.

I was reluctant to purchase this blender only because of the cost.  It was very pricey, and I couldn’t justify spending so much money on a small kitchen appliance. I had many discussions with my husband on this blender and he encouraged me to take the plunge and buy it. I hummed and hawed, made excuses about how it might turn out like just another blender that sits on the counter hardly being used. However, I constantly thought about the blender when it came to food prep and cooking, but never made the purchase.

This was around May/ June of 2008, my birthday is in July, I never expected to get this blender as a birthday gift from my husband and sons. On the morning of my birthday, my two boys aged 3 and 6 (then) carried a nicely wrapped box up the stairs and to our bedroom and surprised me with the best gift I have ever received. I say best because, it has changed the way we eat as a family for the better and everyone in my household uses the blender.

My boys and I playing on a beach

This one small kitchen appliance is by far the BEST investment we have made for our family and our collective health and wellness. With the Vitamix blender I could and still can make all the things I learnt from my course about eating whole foods. From smoothies, soups, dips, sauces, jams, chutneys, Indian curries, Indian flat breads, garlic and ginger puree for Indian cooking, deserts such as ice cream and raw vegan desserts and much, much more. Fourteen years later, I am still using this very same blender. I have taken it to 2 different countries (Indonesia in 2013 and Barbados in 2021) when I moved. Even though Indonesia has a different voltage than Canada I was able to use my Vitamix blender by purchasing a stabilizer to be able to convert the voltage from 220volts to 120 when using my Vitamix.

Making a green smoothie with my birthday gift: The Vitamix:)

The purchase of this blender alone, by far has been the success to our family being able to eat nutritionally dense healthy meals daily over the last 14 years. Both my boys have learnt to cook with the help of this blender. It has made it easier to prep food for hasty teen boys, who want everything done quickly. Clean-up is also so easy with this blender, which both boys love.

My youngest son baking in our home in Bali
My oldest son squeezing lemon juice to make a salad dressing in our kitchen in Canada

Now my boys are 17 and 20, they have learnt from a very young age 3 and 6 (with supervision of course) to cook with the help of the Vitamix. I am very proud to say that both my teenage boys are self-sufficient and cook tasty, nutritional meals.

 To sum it all up, the Vitamix blender is worth buying because there is only one blender that:

  • Lasts the longest
  • Works so well due to its high-powered technology
  • Creates food this good (Check out my recipes to see how good)
  • Durability is platinum standard
  • Easy to use, clean and store
  • Warranty is second to none
  • High-powered and multifunctional
  • Heirloom piece that is passed down for generations

If you are ready to invest in yourself, your health and your wellness, then this blender is for you! 

Click here to read about all the different Vitamix blender, models, their features and price range and to find out what is the best Vitamix blender for you and your needs

Click here to see how easy it is to clean a Vitamix blender, including the different blender bowls/cups and food processor.

Click here to read about all the basics you probably would like to know about a Vitamix blender before you purchase one such as: Where is Vitamix made? Who owns Vitamix? Where to buy a Vitamix blender a comprehensive guide for shoppers.

If you have found all this information useful, and if you are ready to do invest in yourself, transform the way you eat by easily incorporating whole plant-based foods into your diet, then you are ready to purchase a Vitamix blender. This is the real deal – it will change your life and the way you eat for real.

Please click on this link to purchase your Vitamix directly from the Vitamix company. You can also check out this link to compare what prices and if any sales are currently available on Amazon

If you buy through either-of these links, I might earn a small affiliate commission. But don’t worry – you won’t pay any more than if you ordered directly from the Vitamix website or Amazon!  

Your purchase helps me keep a free resource and allows me to share with user’s recipes and educational information about plant-based foods and more.

Please know that I am NOT being sponsored by Vitamix ! The reason I wrote this article is to share with anyone and everyone visiting my site what a HUGE difference a good small kitchen appliance like the Vitamix blender can do towards nourishing and nurturing yourself and your loved ones.

If you’ve read this far, I’m assuming that you are looking to buy a new blender, either to replace the existing blender you have or maybe you are buying your first blender ever.  Whatever the reasons are, you’ve come to the right place.

If you aren’t quite ready to make a purchase, then you’re still in the right place, because you can still benefit from reading some or all my educational articles and studies on plant-based foods, as well, you can try making some of my recipes, that don’t require a Vitamix blender or use the blender you presently have.

To your good health and happiness, thanks for reading:)

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