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My Delicious Vegetarian Recipes

Vitamix Pie: Butternut Squash Pie with Vitamix Pie Crust

Vitamix Indian Recipe: Dal (Black Dal/Maa Ki Dal/Kali Dal)

Vitamix Dessert : Pumpkin Squares

Vitamix Pie Crust

Vitamix Healthy Greens: Garlicky Sautéed Kale

Vitamix Cream of Mushroom Soup: Without Cream or Dairy

Vitamix Nut Butter: How to make Nut Butter in a Vitamix

Watermelon Sorbet

Vitamix Sorbet: How to Make Sorbet in a Vitamix

15- Minute Vegetarian Dinner

Yogurt Cheese Cake with A Raw Nutty Pie Crust

Vitamix Baba Ganoush: Smoky Eggplant Dip & Spread

Vitamix No Bake Energy Balls

I’m Lillian

My name is Lillian, I am an Indian-born Canadian with roots stretching from the vibrant city of Bangalore, India, to the multicultural metropolis of Montreal. My life is beautifully split between two dynamic places: I soak up Montreal’s diverse cultural tapestry during the warmer months, and as the chill sets in, I find my sanctuary in the tropical paradise of Bali.

What I love most is to nurture other people through food. I derive great satisfaction from nourishing others with simple, nutritious and mindfully prepared food. Whether I’m preparing simple green smoothies or complex meals, I try to incorporate all the things I’ve learnt about food and eating across cultures.

Growing up in the south of India and then living in the Middle East (Dubai), Sri Lanka, Canada, Australia, Barbados and Bali, has taught me so much. Most of all I have learnt to cook from the heart, using all my senses whenever I’m around food!