Milkshakes are a classic dessert that has been enjoyed for generations. They are a perfect treat on a hot summer day or a delicious way to indulge in a sweet craving. Making a milkshake at home is not only easy, but it also allows you to customize the ingredients to your liking. A Vitamix blender is an excellent tool to make a perfect milkshake every time.

To make a milkshake in a Vitamix, you will need a few key ingredients. The basic ingredients include milk, ice cream, and flavorings such as chocolate syrup, vanilla extract, or fruit. You can also use dairy-free alternatives such as soy milk or almond milk and vegan ice cream. The Vitamix blender can easily handle frozen ingredients, so using frozen fruit or ice cream is a great way to make a thicker, creamier milkshake.

Preparing the Vitamix is an essential step to ensure a smooth and creamy milkshake. Start by adding the liquid ingredients to the blender first, followed by the ice cream or frozen fruit. This will allow the blender to mix the ingredients evenly. Blend the ingredients on high until the mixture is smooth and creamy. Pour the milkshake into a glass, add whipped cream or toppings if desired, and enjoy!

Key Takeaways

  • Making a milkshake in a Vitamix is easy and customizable.
  • Use basic ingredients such as milk, ice cream, and flavorings to make a delicious milkshake.
  • Preparing the Vitamix by adding liquid ingredients first and blending on high until smooth and creamy is crucial for a perfect milkshake.


Making a milkshake in a Vitamix is easy and requires only a few ingredients. The following are some of the most common ingredients used to make milkshakes:

  • Milk: The type of milk used in a milkshake can vary depending on personal preference. Whole milk, low-fat milk, and skim milk are all popular choices. For a dairy-free option, almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk, soy milk or any milk of your choice can be used.
  • Ice cream: Vanilla ice cream is the classic choice for a milkshake, but other flavors like chocolate, strawberry, and mint can also be used. For a healthier option, frozen yogurt can be used instead of ice cream.
  • Flavorings: Flavorings like vanilla extract, chocolate syrup, and cocoa powder can be added to enhance the taste of the milkshake. Other flavorings like banana, raspberry, mango, and peanut butter can also be used to create unique flavor combinations.
  • Sweeteners: Sweeteners like sugar, honey, and maple syrup can be added to the milkshake to make it sweeter. Syrups like caramel and chocolate can also be used to add sweetness and flavor.
  • Other ingredients: Crushed cookies, graham crackers, and cinnamon can be added to the milkshake to add texture and flavor. Fruits like orange, pineapple, raspberry, blackberries, and cherry can also be added to create a fruity milkshake.

It’s important to note that the amount of each ingredient used can vary depending on personal preference. Some people prefer a thicker milkshake, while others prefer a thinner consistency. Experimenting with different ingredient combinations can help create the perfect milkshake.

Preparing the Vitamix

Before making a milkshake in a Vitamix, it is important to ensure that the blender is set up correctly. Here are a few steps to follow to prepare the Vitamix for making a milkshake:

  1. Assemble the Vitamix Container: The Vitamix container is where the ingredients for the milkshake will be blended. Ensure that the container is assembled correctly and securely onto the base of the blender.
  2. Add Ingredients to the Container: Depending on the recipe, add the necessary ingredients to the Vitamix container. It is important to add the ingredients in the correct order as specified in the recipe to ensure that the milkshake blends properly.
  3. Use the Tamper: The tamper is a tool that comes with the Vitamix blender and is used to push down ingredients that may get stuck during blending. It is important to use the tamper carefully and only use the tamper with the lid on and through the slot where the tamper is to be inserted. DO NOT use the tamper without the lid when the motor is running. This will damage the blades of your Vitamix, the container and the tamper.
  4. Blend the Milkshake: Once all the ingredients are added to the container, and the container is closed with the lid, it is time to blend the milkshake. Start the blender on a low speed and gradually increase the speed until the milkshake reaches the desired consistency. Use the tamper, if needed, to push down the ingredients for a better and smoother blend.

The Vitamix E310 Explorian Series Blender is an excellent choice for making milkshakes. It comes with a powerful motor and a durable container that can handle even the thickest milkshakes. Additionally, the Vitamix blender is easy to clean, making it a convenient option for making milkshakes at home.

Making the Milkshake

Making a milkshake in a Vitamix is a quick and easy process that can be done in just a few minutes. The key to a perfect milkshake is getting the right consistency and flavor. Here are some tips to help you make the perfect milkshake in your Vitamix:


To get the perfect consistency for your milkshake, it is important to use the right amount of ice cream or frozen yogurt. Using too much ice cream can make the milkshake too thick, while using too little can make it too thin. A good rule of thumb is to use 3 cups of ice cream or frozen yogurt for every 1 cup of milk or milk alternative.


The flavor of your milkshake is entirely up to you. You can use any flavor of ice cream or frozen yogurt you like, or you can add fruit, candy, or coffee to create a unique flavor. If you want a classic milkshake flavor, try using malted milk powder. It adds a delicious flavor and creaminess to the shake.

Creamy and Smooth

To make your milkshake extra creamy and smooth, add a little bit of whipped cream to the mixture. You can also use a milk alternative like soy milk or almond milk to create a dairy-free milkshake that is just as creamy and delicious.


No milkshake is complete without toppings. Add some whipped cream, sprinkles, a cherry on top, or marshmallows to make your milkshake look as good as it tastes. You can also add a straw or a spoon to make it easier to enjoy.

Protein Shake

For a healthier option, you can turn your milkshake into a protein shake by adding a scoop of protein powder to the mixture. This will give you an extra boost of protein and make your milkshake more filling.

Banana Milkshake

If you want to make a banana milkshake, simply add a ripe banana to the mixture along with the ice cream and milk. This will give your milkshake a delicious banana flavor and make it extra creamy.

Overall, making a milkshake in a Vitamix is a fun and easy process that can be customized to your liking. With a little creativity, you can create a delicious and unique milkshake that is perfect for any occasion.

Different Kinds of Milkshakes You Can Make in a Vitamix

With a Vitamix blender, you can make a variety of delicious milkshakes. Here are some different types of milkshakes you can make in a Vitamix:

Classic Milkshake

The classic milkshake is a simple and delicious treat that everyone loves. To make a classic milkshake, blend ice cream, milk, and your favorite flavoring, such as chocolate syrup or vanilla extract. You can also add whipped cream and a cherry on top for an extra special touch.

Fruit Milkshake

Fruit milkshakes are a great way to get your daily dose of fruits while indulging in a sweet and creamy treat. To make a fruit milkshake, blend your favorite fruits, such as strawberries, bananas, or mangoes, with milk and vanilla ice cream. You can also add honey or maple syrup for extra sweetness.

Protein Milkshake

Protein milkshakes are a great way to fuel your body with protein after a workout or as a meal replacement. To make a protein milkshake, blend protein powder, milk, and your favorite fruits or flavorings. You can also add peanut butter or almond butter for extra flavor and protein.

Vegan Milkshake

Vegan milkshakes are a great alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or follow a vegan diet. To make a vegan milkshake, blend non-dairy milk, such as almond milk or coconut milk, with vegan ice cream and your favorite flavorings. You can also add agave syrup or dates for sweetness.

Low-Calorie Milkshake

Low-calorie milkshakes are a great way to indulge in a sweet treat without the guilt. To make a low-calorie milkshake, blend non-fat milk, frozen fruit, and stevia powder or monk fruit powder as a sweetener. You can also add vanilla extract or cocoa powder for flavor.

In conclusion, a Vitamix blender is a versatile tool that can be used to make a variety of delicious milkshakes. Whether you prefer classic, fruit, protein, vegan, or low-calorie milkshakes, a Vitamix blender can help you create the perfect treat.

Frequently Asked Questions

When making a milkshake in a Vitamix, there may be some questions that come up. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

Q: Can I use ice cream instead of frozen yogurt?

A: Yes, you can. Ice cream can be used instead of frozen yogurt in a milkshake recipe. However, keep in mind that ice cream is typically higher in fat and sugar than frozen yogurt, so the nutritional content of the milkshake will be different.

Q: Can I use regular milk instead of a milk alternative?

A: Yes, you can. Regular milk can be used instead of a milk alternative in a milkshake recipe. However, if you are lactose intolerant or have a dairy allergy, a milk alternative such as almond milk or soy milk may be a better option.

Q: Can I make a milkshake with fresh fruit instead of frozen?

A: Yes, you can. However, using frozen fruit will give the milkshake a thicker, creamier consistency. If you choose to use fresh fruit, you may need to add more ice to achieve the desired consistency.

Q: How do I clean my Vitamix after making a milkshake?

A: To clean your Vitamix after making a milkshake, fill the container halfway with warm water and a drop of dish soap. Run the Vitamix on high for 30 seconds, then rinse the container thoroughly with water. For more information on cleaning your Vitamix, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Q: Can I add protein powder to my milkshake?

A: Yes, you can. Adding protein powder to your milkshake can make it a more filling and nutritious snack or meal replacement. However, be sure to choose a high-quality protein powder and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for how much to add.

Q: Can I make a vegan milkshake in a Vitamix?

A: Yes, you can. There are many vegan milkshake recipes that can be made in a Vitamix using ingredients such as plant-based milk alternatives, frozen fruit, and vegan ice cream. For more vegan milkshake recipe ideas

Making a milkshake in a Vitamix should be a breeze. Remember to always follow the recipe instructions and refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintaining your Vitamix.

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