What They Say.


What They Say.

I first have to say how grateful I am to have even met Lilian! She is a light to all and I will forever cherish the days I have spent with her and the memories I shared with her through food. I had the pleasure of experiencing Lillian’s joy for the kitchen. I went through an elimination diet and cleanse for a month. Lillian took the time to go through all that I could & could not eat.

After that, she developed meals for me to stick to my diet daily. This made eating so easy and so much less stressful for me. For every meal, she explained all the benefits of all I had that day.

One of my favorite meals was the sweet potato pasta served with beats! I could eat that all day!! Every meal Lillian served was delicious and I loved it all. Now I know when I’m ready to make this my lifestyle I have Lillian to reach out to. Absolutely loved it. I really appreciate all you have done Lillian, especially your efforts in going above and beyond for me. I highly recommend Lillian and her services.

Zahra McCaskie


Lillian is super personable with an inquisitive mind making her a pleasure to connect with as she shares enthusiastically on health subjects related to cooking healthily, shopping organically, health products, health services, plus the latest news on what’s happening in the health and wellness industry.

Lillian has taught me daily rituals that have had a profoundly positive impact on my overall health. I have over 9 years of professional experience working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and I can say with 100% certainty that Lillian is knowledgeable and passionate about helping others achieve their health and wellness goals. She always goes the extra mile to make her meals taste fantastic. Since starting her nutrition program, I feel healthier, stronger and leaner.

At the end of the day, there is nothing more important than your health. Lillian has had a positive impact on my overall health and I highly recommend her services.

Kelsey Allen Muggaberg


Lillian is truly a light bringer in the world of spirituality, movement and nutrition. When I first met Lillian on the Island of Barbados in 2020 on one of her many world wide excursions of living life on life's term, her warmness immediately greeted my soul.

That is also my experience with having Lillian as part of my wellness team as I strive to re-engineer my connection with food, movement and purpose. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Lillian live by example, and her meals helped breathe life into me as well.
My two favorite treats prepared by Lillian are the coconut balls and the date desserts. To have a dessert that's not only delicious but healthy was the game changer in working with Lillian. Her effortless approach to only using what was grown in Barbados also signalled to me how eco friendly she was and how willing she was to show the rest of the world, grow what you eat, and eat what you grow.

I highly recommend Lillian, not only as your guide to wellness through nutrition and movement, but I strongly encourage anyone to have Lillian be an International Speaker about Wellness. She is a breath of fresh air, and loves to keep the human spirit connected.

Thank you so much Lil for being a light bringer in my journey called LIFE!!!

Janelle McCaskie


“Heal Through Conversation And Education”