I. Wellness Program (including consultation on nutrition and meal plan)

Your Investment: CAD $299

What you get:  

I prepare custom meal plans and recipes tailored to your specific needs, for people who are looking to lose weight; gain weight; have busy lifestyles and don’t have time to plan and organizing eating well as a priority; for people wanting a change to incorporate a more plant-based diet into their lifestyle; for people wanting to become completely vegetarian or vegan

  • You will get a 30-minute consultation with me via phone or video chat (zoom or a platform you prefer) to go over your needs, your concerns and what you hope to achieve from this wellness program.
  • I will prepare a meal plan after you send me a 7 day log of what you are currently eating. The meal plan I prepare comes with recipes specifically to meet your needs and goals and I will guide you through what is most nutritionally dense for you to consume in term of food to meet your end goal.
  • You will get  breakfast recipes; lunch recipes; supper recipes; snack recipes; green smoothie recipes and green juice recipes based on your budget, your lifestyle, your diet and your goals.
  • Once you have your meal-plan and recipes I will be available to offer you any guidance and answer any questions you may have via 1 email exchange on the meal plan and recipes. This is in case you are having difficulty following any of the recipes or substituting ingredients etc. 

    Note: A 24-hour response rate is guaranteed

  • You will get one more 30-minute call to discuss any concerns you have or anything you wish to discuss on your custom meal-plan and recipes towards your wellness.
  • Note: I want to see you succeed as much as you want to. We are in this together.


Your Investment: CAD $299

What you get:  

  • One on one 60-minute consultation with me via video or phone call
  • Daily support via email for the 7 days of the detox
  • Meal plan and recipes for all 7 days for three meals a day, plus snacks
  • Exercise/movement guidance during the 7-day detox program
  • Suggestions on where to shop for groceries

Why Detox?

These days, detoxification products and cleansing regimes are very popular. “Detox” is the latest buzz word and it’s no wonder. We are living in a polluted environment and our health is threatened by the many chemicals in our food, air and water. Toxins include poisons, heavy metals, pesticides, cleaning solvents and smog, among many others.

These substances are being absorbed into our bodies through contact with clothing, furniture, carpets, air, and the environment within which we live. Often our body cannot keep up with the large amount of toxins to which we are exposed. Our health then suffers.

Our bodies are naturally equipped to eliminate harmful substances through the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, skin and lymphatic system. However, as toxins accumulate throughout the body, the body can no longer keep up with the necessary elimination, leading to symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, aches and pains, coughs, congestion and gastrointestinal problems. Long term exposure can weaken our system, increase our susceptibility to infection and eventually lead to chronic illness.

To thrive in our environment and to reverse illness, our bodies can benefit from extra support through detoxification. By eliminating processed and acid-forming foods, there is less stress on the digestive system, thereby allowing the body to focus its resources on healing. When the body is cleansed, it becomes more efficient with digestion, assimilation and elimination. Detoxifying strengthens the immune system and gives the body greater energy. It also reduces inflammation and produces a slimmer body. Detoxifying is a vital part of any program designed to restore your body to optimum health and vitality and can be one of the finest tools we have for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

The program I will prepare for you is custom to you and your needs to help you to detox for 7 days.  This program is not drastic. Rather it is the first step to eating a healthy plant-based diet. After you have undertaken this 7-day detox (basically eliminating all processed food, animal products, chemicals and so on from your diet) you can then move on to doing a more rigorous detox. 

I will prepare this program with an intention to cleanse through nutrition. The 7-day program is based entirely on fresh, easily digestible raw plant foods which not only detoxify the body but supply it with the nutrients necessary for optimum health.

III. Cooking Classes - in person and virtual /private or group

In-Person Cooking Classes: My cooking classes and workshops are ideal for those who want to have fun while mastering essential culinary principles and techniques. Get hands-on experience preparing popular Indian and Indian-inspired dishes. Take home new kitchen skills and confidence—along with recipes and grocery lists for each dish.Pricing: Please contact me via email to get a pricing based on your specific needs

Virtual Cooking Classes: My virtual cooking classes are interactive coaching cook-alongs for you to hone your skills remotely and build your cooking confidence at home. Self-thought Chef Lillian will work with you as you build a dish using classical Indian cuisine techniques, amongst other cooking techniques from various region's around the world.

Contact us directly to book a private session or a group session on a topic of your choice.

Pricing: Please contact me via email to get a pricing based on your specific needs

IV. Food Items Sold Weekly: For small to large gatherings(Business events, shows, conferences, any celebrations) 

Custom spice mixes:

To marinate veggies and meats

Depending on the meat and veggie suggestions are made

Comes with instructions on how to marinate the food item and cook it. 

Delivery:  A small delivery fee is charged depending on the area

Note: Return your containers/bottles for a 10% discount on your next order.

  • Chicken Marinate: Organic 7 Spice Mixture 2 oz  bottle for $16.99A blend of 7 organic spices carefully and mindfully sourced from around the world, dry roasted and freshly ground for each order.
  • Beef Vindaloo Marinate: Organic 9 Spice Mixture 2 oz bottle $16.99A family secret spice mixture from the south west coast of India consisting of 9 freshly ground spices. Note: Can also be used with lamb or mutton
  • Fish Marinate: Organic 6 Spice Mixture 2 oz bottle $16.99

    A traditional family spice mixture from Mangalore where my heritage comes from in India, where fresh fish is consumed daily.

  • Paneer or Tofu Marinate: Organic 5 Spice Mixture 2 oz bottle $16.99

A family favourite spice rub that makes bland tofu and paneer simply delicious, so delicious that you might eat on its own before the tofu or paneer makes it into your dish

Treats: Healthy Delicious & Nutritionally Dense

These treats are made with whole fresh ingredients that are delicious to have any time of day 

Raw Energy balls: $1.50 (each); $15 for a dozen These energy balls are raw and delicious.  Perfect for a snack, as an energy boost or before a workout.  Three kinds offered: almond, peanut butter and plain.Minimum order 4Delivery:

Coconut Balls: $1.50 (each); $15 for a dozen
These coconut balls are a real decadent treat for special occasions when having guests or for celebrations or just to keep in the fridge and have a small treat when craving something delicious. Plain and Almond available 
Minimum order 4
Delivery: Wednesdays (A small delivery fee is charged depending on the area)

Green Smoothies: Whole fruits and fresh greens are used in your smoothies. No sugar, sweeteners, dairy or any artificial ingredients or preservatives used. 

  • Green Smoothies: $12 (Large) $8 (Medium) $5 (Small)

  • Cucumber kool-aid
  • Banana madness
  • Pear punch
  • Apple in a Jar
  • Cashew Chia
  • Kiwi & Kale
  • Berry Green Smoothie
  • Kale, Spinach and Mango
  • No fruit green smoothie

Green Juices: All juices are slow cold pressed with fresh whole ingredients. No water or sweeteners are added

  • Green & fresh fruit Juices: $12 (Large) $8 (Medium) $5 (Small)

  • Simple Green Juice
  • Kale and Citrus Green Juice
  • Three Green juice
  • Cold pressed pure apple juice
  • Cold pressed orange juice
  • Cold pressed orange and grapefruit juice
  • Cold pressed apple and ginger juice
  • Cold pressed apple, orange and ginger juice