I. Cooking Classes

With over 30 years of experience in cooking and eating in diverse cultures, I bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to my cooking classes.
Having lived in 7 different countries, I have gained a unique perspective and appreciation for different culinary traditions, which I incorporate into my classes.
I am versatile in adapting my cooking classes to meet the specific needs and preferences of my clients.

Cooking Classes

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Who Are My Clients?

I offer cooking classes for anybody who wants to learn to cook – couples, families, individuals, children, seniors, groups of yogis at retreat destinations, athletes/sports teams, on any occasion or event such as a birthday party/bachelorettes/Indian Sangeets.

What YOU Can Expect?

You will:

  • Learn how to cook healthy, nutritious meals that will promote well-being and good health
  • Master new recipes and explore new flavors and cuisine
  • Learn how to make fun and easy meals with simple ingredients that are often found right in your kitchen

With my guidance, couples, families, individuals, children, seniors, yogis, athletes, ANYONE can gain confidence in cooking and improving their culinary skills.

Where My Classes are Held?

As an experienced self-taught chef, I understand that not everyone has access to a fully equipped kitchen. Thus, I offer the flexibility to conduct cooking classes in my own gourmet kitchen. Alternatively, I can conduct classes at a location that the client picks. 

I have taught classes at yoga retreats in Bali, Indonesia, Barbados, and India. I have also thought private cooking classes in Australia, Canada and Dubai at clients’ kitchens. No matter the size or the kitchen tools available, I conduct classes with what’s available on hand, no matter where the location is. This not only helps to save on costs, but it also empowers clients to make full use of their existing resources. 

My approach is practical, and I am committed to providing the best possible service to my clients with what’s available.

My Expertise

I offer a variety of classes for all occasions and work with clients based on their budget. I specialize in Indian and fusion foods, which allows clients to indulge in the exotic flavors and spices of my culture.

I also have experience cooking a variety of other cuisines, which means that clients can learn to cook almost any cuisine they desire.

The main take away from my classes is that learning to cook delicious and nutritious meals can be simple and fun.


Retreats/Destination Events

I combine the art of culinary with the science of nutrition when I am hired to cook for retreats worldwide. My focus is sourcing locally produced ingredients to create a unique culinary experience that is customized, based on my client's requirements.

Living and working in 7 different countries, has allowed me to understand the importance of food in bringing people closer to nature, themselves, and each other.

I take great pride in cooking with all my senses and creating mouth-watering recipes that are both beautiful and inspiring, while advocating for sustainable, ethical, and local food practices.

My skills of sourcing local ingredients, managing a fast-paced kitchen and cooking everything from scratch is what I excel at. I strive to create a memorable culinary experience that nourishes the body, the mind and soul of my guests.

Retreats / Destination Events

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Below are three examples of what I prepared and cooked for three recent retreats in Barbados, one retreat in Indonesia, and numerous retreats in India over the last 30 years:

My India Retreat

My India Yoga Retreats

As an Indian, I understand the importance of cooking sattvic food for yoga retreats. Sattvic food is not only tasty but also healthy and nutritious. It is a type of food that promotes balance and harmony in the body and mind, making it the perfect choice for yoga practitioners.

When preparing meals for yoga retreats, I always keep in mind the principles of Ayurvedic cooking. I use fresh, locally sourced ingredients and never use processed foods and artificial additives. I also pay attention to the balance of flavors and textures, ensuring that each meal is not only nourishing but also satisfying and enjoyable.

A typical day's menu at the yoga retreat I have cooked for have included:

  • Fresh fruit salad with coconut yogurt and granola
  • Vegan banana pancakes with jaggery syrup and fresh local berries
  • Ayurvedic kitchari (a rice and lentil dish) with steamed greens
  • Quinoa and roasted vegetable salad with tahini dressing
  • Chickpea and spinach curry with brown rice and poppadom’s
  • Grilled tofu and vegetable skewers with mint chutney and whole wheat flat bread
  • Lentil and vegetable soup with garlic bread
  • Stuffed zucchini with quinoa and cashew cheese
  • Vegetable biryani with raita and papadums
  • Fresh fruit platter with coconut cream
  • Vegan chocolate mousse with berries
  • Cardamom and rosewater rice pudding

By preparing meals like these, I can provide guests with a well-rounded and a nourishing diet that supports their yoga practice and overall health and well-being.

I am a yoga practitioner myself from the age of 12 and I can say with certainty, cooking for yoga retreats in India has been my most rewarding experience. By preparing sattvic, vegan, and vegetarian food with local ingredients, I have helped in contributing to a peaceful and nourishing environment for guests to enjoy their yoga practice and achieve their goals.

India Yoga Retreats

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My Indonesia Retreat

Eco Travel Retreat

As the head chef on an eco-travel liveaboard in Indonesia, my primary goal was to create a menu that would delight and satisfy our guests while minimizing our impact on the environment. To achieve this, I decided to incorporate fusion and Indian meals into our menu. 


Some of the things I prepared for breakfast consisted of :

  • Tropical fruit platters with a side of home-made yoghurt and granola
  • Shakshuka with baked eggs, tomatoes, peppers and spices
  • Saffron and cardamom infused pancakes with mango and lime sauce

For lunch, I prepared :

  • Chicken satay skewers with peanut sauce and fresh vegetable salad
  • Green curry with fresh vegetables and sticky rice
  • Grilled tofu and vegetable skewers with tomato salsa and cilantro chutney, among other things

For dinner, guests wanted a variety, so I prepared :

  • Grilled tuna steak with Balinese spices and steamed rice
  • Slow-cooked beef rendang with traditional spices and coconut rice
  • Palak paneer with freshly made flat bread

Dessert included :

  • Fresh coconut pudding with mango coulis and toasted coconut flakes
  • Chocolate lava cake with vanilla bean ice cream
  • Traditional Indian kulfi ice cream with pistachio nuts and rose syrup

Aside from our daily meals, I also offered cooking lessons for the guests on board. During these lessons, I taught guests how to prepare traditional Indonesian dishes like Nasi Goreng and Gado-gado, as well as Indian dishes like Chicken Jalfrezi and Palak Paneer. Overall, my menu showcased the best of Indonesian and Indian cuisine with a fusion twist that catered to our guests' palate while also being mindful of our eco objectives.

Indonesia Retreats

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My Barbados Retreat

I lived and worked in Barbados during the pandemic in 2020 and part of 2021. Despite Covid restrictions, I was hired to cook for three events:

Surf Retreat 

It was important for me to offer energizing and filling meals that could help guests with muscle recovery and provide energy and hydration after being out in the heat on a surfboard.

An example of some of the foods I cooked were :

  • Protein-rich smoothie bowls
  • Hearty breakfast burritos
  • and grilled fresh local fish for those who ate fish

 I also prepared :

  • Fresh ceviche made with locally caught fish and jackfruit for a vegan option
  • Shrimp and tofu tacos with local hot sauce and fresh herbs were a real hit
  • Roasted vegetable and black bean burrito bowls were gobbled up by hungry surfer

For hydration I always made sure to have :

  • fresh coconut water or fresh smoothies with tropical fruits, lemon, and ginger for easy digestion

Destination Retreat

For destination celebrations, such as a milestone birthday or wedding, I have a wide variety of options for my guests, to cater to different tastes.  If it’s a more formal setting, so I adapted the menu to go with the theme and event.


For drinks I made :

  • Fresh fruit tropical punch with a splash of coconut water
  • piña coladas with fresh coconut and a pineapple garnish
  • and local rum punch with fresh lime and grenadine

For starters I offered :

  • Grilled shrimp skewers with a mango salsa
  • Coconut shrimp with a sweet chili dipping sauce
  • and Island-style ceviche with fresh fish and tropical fruit

For entrees, the choices were :

  • Marinated turmeric and coriander chicken with coconut rice and black beans
  • Caribbean spicy lobster with garlic butter and grilled vegetables
  • and Grilled mahi-mahi with pineapple salsa

I also offered few sides such as :

  • Bajan-style fried plantains
  • Roasted sweet potatoes with a lime butter
  • and Sautéed spinach with garlic and chili

For desserts I kept it fresh and simple with :

  • Pineapple upside-down cake with a coconut whipped cream
  • Key lime pie topped with toasted coconut flakes
  • and Mango sorbet with fresh tropical fruit and a mint garnish

Corporate Retreat

For this corporate medical retreat that I cooked for, it was important to my client that attendees had healthy options that boosted productivity and energy levels of the attendees.

Some of the food I had on the menu were :

  • Build-your-own salad bowl with fresh locally sourced greens
  • Grilled vegetables, Tofu, Tempeh
  • Grilled Fish and chicken options

Other options were :

  • Vegan and vegetarian wraps with roasted vegetables and avocado
  • Spicy black bean chili with cornbread

I also offered :

  • Fresh fruit platters with local yogurt and granola

.For snacks I made a variety of :

  • Fresh protein bars
  • Green smoothies
  • Green juices
  • and Green teas

Barbados Retreats

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III. Custom Meal Planning

I provide custom meal plans to help my clients achieve their specific health and nutrition goals. Whether the goal is to lose weight, gain weight, improve overall health, be more organised with meal prep, or save money, I provide personalized meal plans based on my client’s unique needs and preferences.

For each client, I provide:

  • a weekly meal plan
  • a grocery list
  • where to get the ingredients and sales available
  • a prep guide and recipes for every single meal in the plan

Custom Meal Planning

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Reasons to get custom meal plans:

Meal planning can help you save money by reducing food waste and avoiding impulsive purchases. Below are some examples of what I provide in my custom for meal plans.

Lose Weight

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I focus on creating a calorie deficit by recommending low-calorie, high-fiber foods, healthy fats, and lean proteins to help my clients achieve their weight loss goals. I also suggest meal and snack planning strategies to avoid impulsive eating and control portion sizes.

Gain Weight

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I focus on nutrient-dense foods, healthy fats, and protein-rich foods to help my clients increase their calorie intake and achieve their weight gain goals. I incorporate versatile ingredients that can be used in multiple meals.

Improve Overall Health

For clients who want to be improve overall health and be more organized with prep and planning, click here to get started.

I work with my client's schedule, budget and time available. For example, I suggest choosing a consistent day of the week to plan meals, create a grocery list based on the meal plan and prep meals in advance to save time and money. I also suggest using versatile ingredients that can be used in multiple meals.

Save Money

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I recommend planning meals based on weekly sales and seasonal produce, buying in bulk and freezing leftovers for future meals, and incorporating dried legumes and beans as a protein source.

Overall, my custom meal planning expertise is designed to provide my clients with the tools and strategies they need to achieve their health and nutrition goals in a personalized, efficient, and effective way.