I offer online cooking classes based on your needs and what you would like to learn.

I also offer consultations and preparing personalized meal plans that will optimize your functional health and wellness. Each program I design is customized to support you in achieving your health and wellness goals. The mind and body are not separate, rather there is a symbiotic relationship between the two. My focus is on identifying the foods and lifestyle choices that work for you.

Food is information and literally talks to our genes and controls gene expression, hormones and metabolism. What you eat has the potential to determine your emotions and behaviours. When I prepare a meal plan for you, I choose nutrient dense foods to include in your plan, where quality calories are working for your health goals!

Finally I offer, private dining experiences at a location of your choice (including your home or backyard). Who says 5 star quality and service needs to be experienced only when you dine out?

I have shared my unique cooking style, attention to detail and culinary expertise on projects in the Komodo National Park in Indonesia (why sailing through over 10 Islands); on the Island of Barbados; on the Island of Bali; in various cities in India, Sri Lanka , Australia, Dubai and Canada. Always sourcing local ingredients, yet meeting my clients culinary requests.

I design each project from start to finish to suit the project or occasion and the needs of the client. 

To find out more on any of services I provide or to book your next event drop me a line here: lillian@becomevegetarian.org